The Home Office has produced a resource pack on New Psychoactive Substances (NPS) or so called ‘legal highs’ as they are also known.

The availability of NPS has posed a new and significant challenge to door staff and venue owners over the last few years. NPS often mimic the effects of controlled drugs like cocaine, ecstasy and cannabis although they have had their chemical structure changed. Effects include seizures, comas, long term illness and in some cases death.

Just the fact that someone claims that a substance is sold as ‘legal’ doesn’t mean that it’s safe, or indeed legal. You can’t really be sure of what’s in a ‘legal high’ or what effect it’s likely to have. Possessing or supplying (including giving to a friend) a ‘legal high’ that contains a banned drug is an offence.

Local police will be happy to offer any advice to door supervisors or venue owners on how to manage suspected NPS or’ legal highs’, and their detection.

The government committed to developing an NPS guidance document to prevent drug taking amongst young people. The guidance has been created alongside drug treatment partners and includes:

Click the button below to download the guidance document (PDF, download size: 10.4MB). Further info is also available from FRANK – The national drugs Information and help service - this link opens in a new window