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Before attending a Door Supervisor or Top-Up course you must have a valid First Aid certificate with at least 12 months until expiry from your selected course start date. You can book a package deal through our booking system. To choose a Door Supervisor and First Aid package deal, click the Door Supervisor sub category and you’ll find these listed below. Please follow the same steps to book onto a Top-Up and First Aid course. 

£348.00 inc VAT

This course is designed for people who wish to apply for a Door Supervisor's license issued by the Security industry Authority (SIA). This Level 2 course is based on the relevant SIA specification for learning and qualifications.

£132.00 inc VAT

This course if for learners who currently hold a Door Supervisor license from the Security Industry Authority (SIA) and need to be brought up to date with the new license- linked qualifications requirements.

£132.00 inc VAT

Security Officers often work in challenging or isolated environments. It's important they have the right training to conduct the role effectively while ensuring the safety of themselves and the public. They also need to meet the legal requirements of the Security Industry Authority. Please email to book.

£84.00 inc VAT

This 1- Day course is aimed at learners who wish to become first-aiders in the workplace. (1 day)

£204.00 inc VAT

This qualification is aimed at learners who wish to become first-aiders in the workplace. (3 days)

£540.00 inc VAT

The Firrst Response Emergency Care (FREC 3) course is designed to advance first aiders to a level where they can provide immediate life support to a patient prior to arrival of emergency services. Learners who take this course will gain knowledge, skills and competence needed to deal with a wide range of pre hospital care emergencies such as managing a patient's airways, catastrophic bleeding, fractures and medical emergencies.

£252.00 inc VAT

This course meets the requirements of the Security industry Authority. It is based on the relevant SIA's specification for learning and qualification for cctv control room operators and provides necessary skills and knowledge to apply for an SIA CCTV Operators license.

£96.00 inc VAT

This course is designed to give people the additional skills required to work within the Security Industry Authority. It builds on the training provided on the SIA Door Supervisors programme and looks at techniques that can be used when Level 2 skills may not be sufficient.

£99.00 inc VAT

This course has been developed for staff working in live events who are positioned at the front of stage PIT barrier who need the skills and understanding to manage in what can be a challenging environment.

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