NEW SIA Licence

We mentioned a while ago that the SIA were “Updating” the SIA Licence. They have increased the size of the picture of the licence holder to almost twice the size of the old one. The silver hologram has been replaced with a holographic overlay (similar to a driving licence) which is visible when tilted at […]

SIA ID Changes after DVLA Licence Change

SIA clarifies identification requirements after DVLA changes The Security Industry Authority (SIA) has clarified its identification requirements for licence applications after changes introduced by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA). The clarification comes after the DVLA stopped issuing paper counterparts to the driving-licence photocard this June in England, Scotland and Wales, causing some confusion […]

PROSEC Cuba Charity bike ride challenge 2015

CUBA Mountain Bike Challenge 8th – 16th October 2015 PROSEC Consultancy Ltd are completing this Cuba 2015 challenge as part of their annual commitment to charity. This ‘self-funded’ challenge involves mountain biking 420Km’s in 5 days in the heat and humidity as they cross Cuba. The PROSEC staff are ‘self funding’ themselves in order that […]

Police fined for losing video

The data protection watchdog the ICO has issued South Wales Police with a £160,000 fine for losing a video recording which formed part of the evidence in a sexual abuse case. The DVDs contained film of an interview with a victim, who had been sexually abused as a child. Despite the DVDs containing a graphic and disturbing […]

Breathalyser kits for security staff

29TH MAY 2015 Cambridge United Football Club has become one of the first venues in the city to adopt a new scheme to tackle alcohol-related crime and disorder. The scheme, funded by Police and Crime Commissioner Sir Graham Bright, provides breathalyser kits to security staff, allowing them to test people before entry. The breathalysers are […]

NEW MOJO Barrier (High Fence)

In 2014, Mojo Barriers was contracted by the G20 Leaders’ Summit in Brisbane, Australia to develop a new fencing product to protect the city and high-profile delegates including Barack Obama. The result was the High Fence, a durable, strong, yet aesthetic product ideal for segregating crowds and creating perimeter lines across cities, venues and events. […]

Searching as part of your Security Function ?

Searching at the Festivals ? Something else to be aware of; (Published by mail online) Having sex with trees, believing you’re Thor, running naked through streets… How rise of deadly synthetic drug flakka has prompted a string of bizarre arrests in Florida The common element to these and other bizarre incidents in Florida in the […]

Energy drinks the cause of many sudden cardiac deaths in young people, researchers find

Staff working festival may find this of interest :   Energy drinks the cause of many sudden cardiac deaths in young people, researchers find High amounts of sugar and caffeine can aggravate underlying heart issues, causing fatal arrhythmias   File photo To many adolescents and young adults, energy drinks have become essential for getting through […]