We have just seen this post on a Security Forum:SIA Security Training

“Hi folks, im ******, ive just got my SIA security officer licence and am looking for work in the North Wiltshire area. Ive contacted and sent my CV to every security company I can find details for and have been applying for every job I see advertised but have had only 1 response to everything and Im still waiting for a phone interview.
Im planning on doing the Door Supervisor training as well but could only scrape the money together I needed to get the SO frontline first so will do my DS as soon as I’m working and can afford to. I was lead to believe that once I had my licence, getting work would be easy (maybe naively). Any hints, tips or suggestions please?”

Our question was, who the hell was your training provider ? Why are they NOT advising you as to completing the Door Supervisor Course for the SAME cost as the Security Officer course but a higher qualification and why are they now not assisting with work ?????

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