K9 Provisions

General Purpose Dog Teams

The effectiveness of working dogs should not be underestimated. A highly trained working dog is the most effective visible deterrent that can have a remarkable impact.

A dogs nose is 1000 times more powerful than a humans and only by picking up a tiny amount of scent in the air. They can also hear four times better than a human.

Each dog team is highly trained, are a minimum of Level 2 NASDU certified and partake in regular monthly continuation training to keep their skills on top form.

The dog teams are trained by NASDU instructor across the UK. They ensure the teams are pushed to the limits to deal with all eventualities.    

Working dog teams can be deployed for on-site guarding and Residential Security as well as events and festivals

The breed of dogs that we generally use for these roles are German Shepherds, Dutch Herder or Belgian Malinois. The mere presence of these dogs is proved to deter unwanted people from a location. 

Whatever your requirements, we can find a dog team that works for you.

Drug Detection Security Dog Teams


Drug Detection dogs can be used to search people, areas, events and festivals. 

Each handler has gained their qualification by partaking in the relevant course accredited by NASDU. Once qualified, they undergo monthly training to continuously practice their skills. Each session is recorded and signed off by an accredited NASDU trainer.

There are two types of Drug Detection dogs;


Specialist dogs can also detect objects, money and tobacco depending on their training.

Passive Drug Detection Dogs

Passive Drug Detection dogs will be used to search individuals who are entering certain environments, whether it’s a nightclub, festival, workplace or any public space.

Proactive Drug Detection Dogs

Proactive dogs can search areas and buildings such as an office block, airport, stadiums. They can also search different types of vehicles ranging from a car to a plane.

Explosives Detection Dog Teams


Bomb dogs or bomb sniffing dogs also known as Explosive Detection Dogs detect a variety of explosive materials near building exteriors, secluded areas, security checkpoints, vehicles, packages and pedestrians. Explosive Detection dogs are a strong visible and psychological deterrent against criminal and terrorist threats.

Each team include highly trained detection dogs and handlers who work together to conduct searches for a variety of explosive materials.

Explosive detection dog teams play a critical role in our comprehensive preventative security measures. We utilise these specialised teams to support explosive detection activities and provide immediate response to bomb threats and other dangerous items.

The bomb detection activities allow EDD teams to detect or quickly rule out the presence of dangerous materials and allow customers to continue operating with minimal or no interruption.

Prior to certification our teams undergo rigorous training that tracks core progression and operational preparedness. Our EDD teams receive continuous and comprehensive training throughout the year to maintain and advance proficiency for the assigned program

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