Close Protection

Unfortunately, in today’s society, normal every day situations can not be guaranteed as totally “risk free” or “safe”. No longer is it just the rich and famous who are targeted, but the threat has now moved to encapsulate many of us. Potential threats may be targeting you, your business, your family or your property.

All our Close Protection operatives have undergone specialist training and are qualified, licensed and regulated by the Security Industry Authority (SIA), they have extensive knowledge and experience in this industry, not gained from a short courses or the classroom, but from deployments around the world, including middle east and come from specialist military or police backgrounds.

Because we have an extensive list of both male and female operatives we are able to tailor individuals to clients requirements, ensuring the client is comfortable with the solution we provide whether that be for a long or short term contract.

Our Close Protection and Bodyguard Services will;

Identify possible threats and minimise the risks to you and your family and friends

Have all standard operating procedures and risk assessments in place to secure your routes of travel, homes and destinations

Accompany you, the client, on business trips as well as have a team in place to oversee the safety of your home and family

Have a female operative available to work with the female and younger members of the family

Have back up teams in place to deal with any issues that may arise

Supply advanced drivers and resource vehicles if required

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