First Aid Training
First Aid Courses in Dorset

Recently BBC Radio 2 has been talking and discussing the importance of First Aid not only in the workplace but for everyone.

Their campaign discusses the importance of everyone knowing the basics of how to save someone’s life as well as the legislation which covers First Aid requirements in the workplace.

Following on from their airing of this they have published details on their website of First Aid Training providers, but only appear to mention two main companies that deliver this training.

With regards to this First Aid training there is a common misconception that not only are St Johns ambulance and the British Red Cross the ONLY First Aid training providers, but a lot of individuals and businesses think that they MUST get trained by these large corporations in order to comply with current legislation, and because they are St Johns Ambulance or the British Red Cross they are getting the BEST possible training.

This is simply NOT TRUE, there are numerous training providers out there that can and do deliver outstanding training for both Businesses and Individuals that fully comply with current legislation. These providers must go through stringent checks to insure their training is relevant, correct and is provided by suitably experienced trainers with a depth of knowledge.

Not only do these providers train EXACTLY the same courses, they will provide certification for these nationally recognised courses and most of the time with a significant reduction in prices compared to the larger more popular training providers.

PROSEC are one of many such providers who train all of these nationally recognised qualifications at QCF level, the qualification is EXACTLY the same as St Johns or the British Red Cross provide and our trainers have years of operational experience in real life First Aid situations. Some of our trainers are qualified and current paramedics, others may be ‘First Responders’ for local areas and some are ambulance technicians.

So what about the prices ?

Level 2 Award in Emergency First Aid at Work (QCF)   – 1 Day course;

St Johns = £138.00

Red Cross = £132.00

PROSEC = £60.00

Level 3 Award in First Aid at Work (QCF)   – 3 Day course;

St Johns = £330.00

Red Cross = £312.00

PROSEC = £168.00

Don’t take our word for it, search the web and do the research yourself, it will take you seconds and save you pounds.

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