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SIA Security Training for Females

Traditionally and somewhat stereotypically, the role of  a Door Supervisor or Security Operative has been considered to be a male dominated vocation.

Door Supervisors were employed for their brawn rather than their ability to deal diplomatically with hostile situations. The security industry has however changed direction from the earlier days which saw brawn as a deterrent to anti-social behaviour and evolved into a profession which uses skill and communication to diffuse hostile situations without the need to resort to force. Industry and sociological studies conducted into the role of women within the security industry have a greater ability to diffuse hostile situations using by using both verbal and non verbal communication methods.

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SIA Door Supervisors Course

Many female Door Supervisors lack the same physique as their male counterparts, which in itself  reduces the level of conflict and allows more social behaviour.   

As the security industry moves away from a male stereotype there has never been a more exciting time for females to undertake the SIA Door Supervisors Course, in order to gain their SIA License and take advantage of the high demand for female Door Supervisors throughout the UK and with PROSEC.
The security industry has changed direction over the years which has resulted in the
industry identified the important role that female security professionals can play within the industry. While many females may consider that the role of a Door Supervisor is the domain of male security professionals, nothing could be further from the truth. The ability of female Door Supervisors to assist in the resolution of conflict in licensed premises has identified that there is a need to increase and maintain female Door Supervisors within the industry. For those looking for a position as a female Door Supervisor they will find that the SIA Training that they are required to conduct prior to gaining their SIA Door Supervisors Course will provide them with the necessary tools to undertake their duties safely and successfully.
With the security industry currently experiencing a shortage of female Door Supervisors those looking at entering the industry are sure to find many exciting career opportunities waiting for them.
PROSEC understand that not all females would want to even attend a course with males and have therefore decided to introduce a female ONLY Door Supervisors course. Our first course will run in May 2014 and will ONLY cost £150.00 + VAT with a 10% discount for anyone calling our offices and obtaining the discount code.

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