As part of the improvements the SIA are making to their licensing systems and processes, they are also updating the SIA licence card.

They have listened to your feedback, and based on consultation with a number of groups, in particular anti-fraud agencies, they are enhancing the security of the card.SIA Security Training in the South West

The SIA consider the familiar look and SIA branding to be important and so they have kept the existing blue colour for the new card.

In response to feedback from the industry and their partners, they have increased the size of the picture of the licence holder to almost twice the size of the old one. The silver hologram has been replaced with a holographic overlay (similar to a driving licence) which is visible when tilted at the right angle. This is far harder to copy and also protects the picture.

There are additional overt and covert security features on the back and front including UV, micro text and engraving.

When available the new licence card will be issued to new applicants and those renewing their licence.

They plan to reveal the new design next month.