PROSEC Consultancy Ltd have a wide range of methods of keeping track of individuals that are under investigation, this can range from manned surveillance involving trained and experienced  surveillance operatives / private investigators utilising different skills and vehicles including motorcycles, vans and cars or even conducting a foot surveillance.

This is a very good, but sometimes expensive option that is not always necessary. Our customers will always be offered the most cost effective option and the one that is most likely to succeed in gathering the information required by the client.

Sometimes all that the client needs to know is the rough location of the individual and their movement to know what they are doing in that area, for this we would recommend the use of a vehicle tracker system, which can be easily fitted by our experts even without the individuals knowledge.

This will allow the individuals vehicle to be followed electronically and at a fraction of the cost of a human surveillance team. It will give the location, route travelled, speed and even allow for the client to use the street view facility to see what is in the area when the vehicle has stopped and the duration of the stop.

In most cases this would be a suggested method if the client wanted to see if their partner was visiting a favoured area / shop or has gone to meet an old flame.

This is an example of the track panel that is used to log the vehicles activities and then street view.Private Investigators wiltshirePrivate Invesigators

This could also be used in the event that you have suspicions that your company vehicles are being misused.

If you feel that this service could be what you require look at our Surveillance page for more details here;