SIA Changes to the Level 2 Award in Door Supervision as of January 2015.

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SIA Door Supervisors Course

A review into ALL SIA Licence training was carried out by the SIA and followed up by public consultation which concluded in June 2014. Our awarding body has since been working with the SIA to rewrite ALL licence linked qualifications which has now been completed. There are changes to all of the courses PROSEC SIA Training courses which will all be here soon.

For now, the following are the changes to the SIA Level 2 Award in Door Supervision (QCF) which will be instigated as of 1st January 2015;

New Qualification title will be:

Level 2 Award for Working as a Door Supervisor within the Private Security Industry (QCF)

New Unit Titles;

Unit 1 – Working within the Private Security Industry

Unit 2 – Working as a Door Supervisor within the Private Security Industry

Unit 3 – Conflict Management within the Private Security Industry

Unit 4 – Physical Intervention Skills within the Private Security Industry

New Unit Contact times;

Unit 1 – This unit is now delivered as a Pre course requirement and delegates will be assessed by the use of a MCQ paper on arrival on Day 1. Workbooks and course books are sent out before the course begins.

New Content:

Crime reduction initiatives

Risks to Health and Safety

Basic Fire safety Measures, importance of fire control panels, role of a fire marshall.

How to make emergency Calls, actions to take following personal injury, vulnerable people, sexual exploitation and the terrorism threat.

Actions on a Security threat and importance of a business continuity plan.

Best practice in radio / telephone communications.

Who to contact in a First Aid situation

The meaning of “Duty of Care”

Importance of communication in delivering customer care.

Unit 2 – This unit has now increased from 10 contact hours to 12 contact hours, therefore covered over 2 days.

  New Content:

A DS right to search and additional considerations to take when searching

Limitations to a DS powers of arrest and why an arrest should only be carried out as a last resort.

Procedure for handling seized drugs

Acceptable forms of ID and how to recognise

Importance of evacuation procedures and identifying sources of information on terrorism awareness.

How to keep vulnerable people safe

Queue management and venue capacity responsibilities

Unit 3 – This unit remains the same contact hours with no new content.

Unit 4 – This unit has now increased to 12 hours contact time, and therefore will be delivered over 2 days.

  New Content:

The professional implications relating to the use of PI

Specific risks of dealing with PI incidents on the ground

Identify the importance of dealing with PI incidents on the ground appropriately

How to support colleagues during PI

How to manage a persons safety during a PI

Responsibilities during a PI

Actions on a medical emergency

Recognise the signs and symptoms of Acute Behavioural Disturbance

Risks associated with Positional Asphyxia

Specific risks associated with prolonged PI

New practical demonstration of escorting individuals on stairways.

The course will still be delivered over 4 days but with changes in the content and breakdown of the course.

The maximum duration for training in 1 day remains at 8 hours per day.

These NEW courses will be delivered by PROSEC as of January 1st 2015 and the website information will be changed to reflect the new changes once our course in december has been completed.

Please don’t worry if you have booked onto our course in december as this will still allow you to apply for your SIA licence, as long as it is claimed within 3 years of completing the course.

For more details call 01373 228055 or email