With the availability of drones at such a low cost they are fast becoming more and more popular at open-air events and festivals. At first this may not seem any issue when considering if you should allow their use on your site.SIA Security in the South West

 There are a few things that SIA Security operatives should be aware of if you do encounter one of these devices.

At this present time there are rules in place that prohibit the use depending on the situation.

  1. The operator must have gained the permission of the site/land owner to launch the device.
  2. The air space that the device is going to be used has not had any restrictions placed on it, Glastonbury for instance has restrictions placed on the air space over the days of the event.
  3. Restrictions are emplaced if the venue has 1,000 plus capacity.
  4. The device must not be flown within 50 meters of structures or building.

SIA Security Training South WestThese are some of the rules in place that should be enforced, but there are some other possible things to think about.

There have been instances of drones being used to harass VIP’s and individuals and also to gain imagery that could be used to embarrass individuals .

You also need to consider that if the drone suffers a malfunction the operator will have no control over the device normally resulting in the drone falling from high this would be the equivalent to hitting an individual with a frozen turkey from 50 feet.

With the above in mind the operator may not have considered insurance, if a fault happens and is probably unaware of the legal implications if damage or injury is caused

There are even fears that the drone boom could now open up a possible terrorist threat due to range and ability to carry a payload. A recent incident where a  Drone landed at nuclear site and at rally in front of German chancellor. See here for more details;

https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2813902/France-investigates-mystery-drone-activity-nuclear-plants.htmlSIA Security