Under the new Health and Safety Executive (HSE) guidance when assessing workplace first aid training and supplies needs employers should consider a greater number of factors than was advised under the previous guidance to the regulations.

What should you consider when identifying your first aid needs?

The HSE’s new guidance for workplace first aid provision asks employers to consider the following when assessing first aid needs:

What evidence sources are useful in performing a first aid needs assessment?

There are many evidence sources that can help you to carry out a thorough first aid needs assessment. Some useful sources are as follows:

How often should I review my first aid needs?

It is important that a regular review of your first aid needs is an integral part of your main risk assessment under The Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981. A first aid assessment every 12 months is an essential part of your duty of care for staff in the workplace. In addition, you should also review your first aid needs assessment if any of the following occurs:

Use this free online calculator to help you identify your first aid needs and determine the right level of first aid cover for your workplace*. Our staff are always happy to help you to identify your first aid training needs.   *This information does not replace the requirement for carrying out a full risk assessment in your workplace.