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PROSEC Consultancy specialise in covert mobile and static surveillance techniques whether that be in an urban or rural setting in the UK, with experienced operatives who are both serving and ex serving members of HM Forces. When you choose Prosec Consultancy to undertake any surveillance or private investigation for you, you can be assured that the surveillance operator selected for that task is an expert in their field with a depth of knowledge and experience Because of this we are able to offer a more bespoke package to the client that is specific to their requirements, including a unique ability to operate in remote rural areas for extended periods of time, something which can be of benefit to Government agencies including the Environmental Agency, Woodland Trusts, RSPB, Hawk Conservancies etc. Evidence is provided to the client in a manner they request, be it: Still photography, video images and/or a full written report. Because of the sensitive nature of this work PROSEC is registered under the Data Protection Act 1998 with the Information Commissionaires office (ICO) and our operatives are members of the World Association of Professional Investigators (WAPI).


Covert Mobile & Foot Surveillance Because of the nature of the business and our experience within it, we will always recommend to clients that we should use at least two Surveillance operatives for any mobile follow. We can and will use a single operative, but the client has to realise that it increases the risk of losing the subject or becoming noticed. Be aware of other Surveillance companies that may offer a cheaper option by using only one operative which could more easily result in a compromise and therefore lack of evidence or `comeback` to the client. Covert Static Surveillance We can conduct surveillance from any static location whether it be a vehicle, building or a Rural ‘Hide’. Using a Static Observation post we can carry out surveillance on a premises or other objects i.e warehouses that are operating at night. Covert Rural Surveillance There may be times and situations when you cannot get close enough to the target to deploy a surveillance team or vehicle, but for most investigators the thought of carrying out a rural surveillance operation is not something they would entertain due to its particularly arduous nature. All our operators are aware of the inherent demands of this kind of operation and this type of surveillance is conducted by a minimum of two specially trained serving or ex-Military operatives using the very latest, sophisticated equipment.They will conceal themselves into an area surrounding the target and remain hidden until they have gained the relevant video or photographic evidence. Operational Area Prosec’s Private Investigation & Surveillance services are constantly operational throughout Wiltshire and the South West, and can cover the whole of the UK.


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