Private Investigations in WiltshireWork place theft is often perceived as a victimless crime where no one is out of pocket, “that’s what insurance is for isn’t it?”

Well those involved know that this is not the case, here are just some of the hidden costs involved:

Replacement costs of the item.

Time spent resourcing and ordering a replacement.

Loss of productivity whilst the item is replaced.

Potential loss of clients whilst productivity is affected.

Damage to reputation, morale and trust amongst workforce.

Increased insurance premiums.

You may not know who the individual is and depending on the cost or type of loss will determine the amount of resources that the police can task to the incident.

You can consider employing the services of a private investigator to gather the evidence that you require, this could be used by the Police in Criminal proceedings or to support a case of Gross misconduct by the employer, and avoid possible tribunal action.

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